50 Years GRODAN - 25 Years DKG Group collaboration Celebration!!! Vincent Deenen, Marketing Director and MoB of GRODAN ROCKWOOL Group speaks about the 25 years of collaboration between Grodan and The DKG Group (DKG ConsultingIQ Crops LtdIRTCTropos Branding Co) during the Grodan’s 8th International Propagation Seminar (The Hague, 25 & 26 / 9 /2019) ----------- Today we are celebrating the 50 Years anniversary of GRODAN. We do that together with the International Propagators all over the world. DKG GROUP is also there. DKG is actually the representative of GRODAN in Greece and most of the Balkan countries. And actually they also have something to celebrate. Today we are 25 Years in cooperation with the DKG Group. So Grodan has something to celebrate, DKG Group has also something to celebrate. DKG Congratulations !!!   “WELCOME TO NUMBER-LAB“. This was the thyme of the 8th Grodan International Propagation Seminar in The Hague, Netherlands (25&25 Sep 2019) David Peters Marketing Manager at Grodan / ROCKWOOL Group and one of the organizers of the seminars explains to DKG TV that actually the thyme means “Welcome to a new world”. According to him, the 3 conclusions of the seminar have as follow:
1. Data is inevitable. Without data will not be able to improve ourselves and even survive in the future 2. We have to move from “reactive” to “proactive” 3. The big challenge: We have to do it TOGETHER!!!

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